The Internet – New Frontiers for French Entrepreneurs

While much of the world feels “been there, done that,” about Internet entrepreneurship, in France it is revving up in a big way.

As of 2010, the time to register a new business had fallen to seven days, from its former wait of 41 days. This is less of a wait than in other countries, such as Germany and Great Britain. Tax credits for investments in innovation and research have been increased. Because of these simplifications in starting new businesses, the rate of new entrepreneur-started businesses has doubled since 2007.

Current predictions note that by 2015 the digital economy of France will just about double in value, creating 450,000 new jobs…most of which did not exist half a decade ago. The current mindset is not just rampant in the business world; a recent poll revealed that the top three companies that French teenagers want to work for are (in alphabetical order) Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Businesses are being started from websites or blogs by the younger generation almost on a daily basis. Even the largely conservative French workforce is starting to lean toward the values espoused by French Internet entrepreneurs.

Another factor driving the young to turn to Internet entrepreneurship is that the job market is stagnant, with employers reluctant to make new hires due to high payroll taxes, forcing younger workers to be more creative in order to survive.

Further, the Minitel, France’s Internet precursor, will finally close up shop on June 30, 2012, leaving a much wider potential market for Internet entrepreneurs. During the late 1990s, Lionel Jospin, the French Prime Minister, warned that the Minitel risked halting French Internet innovation. The Minitel’s main legacy is that it basically taught the current crop of French Internet entrepreneurs their trade, because those entrepreneurs learned about computers and the Internet through trying to hack the Minitel network. It also showed French entrepreneurs the upside of having a network that reached even into rural France, to those who might otherwise have not had Internet access. The Minitel’s closing will force more people in France to start using the Internet, creating a larger market for the services the new French Internet entrepreneurs will provide.

Unlike the US Internet market, where most of the smaller companies have already been gobbled up by the giants, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc., there is room in France for smaller companies to start and to grow to a profitable point.
The future for French Internet entrepreneurs is bright. Between a government that is beginning to support the creation of small businesses, a demand that has been created by a system that is going out of business, and a world increasingly dependent on technology and communications, chances for their success is growing by leaps and bounds.

If you are planning to visit or relocate to France anytime soon, then for sure you are worried about what internet service you can get to make sure that you still have a connection to the families and friends you leave behind. Of course, you can always go to an internet surf shop near you but there’s still no beating having your own connection; one that you can enjoy at the comfort of your own couch with a laptop on one hand and a delicious cup of French coffee on the other hand.

So we’ve compiled the list of available French internet companies from which you can get your broadband service. The list is never comprehensive enough to cover all French internet companies but we’ve managed to narrow down the usual suspects so you do not have to scour the best web hosting services just to find the company that you need.

French Internet Companies from Which You Can Get your Internet Access

1. Alice. Also known as Tiscali, Alice is considered one of the largest internet service providers in Italy and branched out to offer services in France. Where the normal household download speed is limited to 1.2 mbps, Alice offers services up to 2 mbps in some areas. It is also active in other market segments such as telephone and internet TV services. Without a doubt, it is the Drakensberg accommodation of French internet companies.

2. Orange. This is the official internet segment of the France Telecommunications Group and is one of the largest providers of internet services in France. Its size is also a good indication of its capital outlay which in turn translates to reliable service. If you want the San Diego flooring equivalent of French internet companies, your best bet lies with Orange.

3. UKTelecom. A common problem among expatriates relocating into France is the language barrier and dealing with a largely French-speaking internet provider can be quite a tedious endeavor. For this reason, UKTelecom provides welcome relief and familiarity for English-speaking transferees to France. UKTelecom covers the whole spectrum of telecommunications services from internet to phone and can be relied on to deliver these services in a language that you understand without the need of a translator or dictionary. If you want a seamless purchase much like getting used cars which are proven and tested to meet the demands of everyday use, then UKTelecom might just be the company for you.

4. Nuef Telecom. Widely considered as the second largest French internet company next to Orange, Neuf Telecom has international connections with the Cegetel Group and AOL to provide services in internet connections. Neuf promises the fastest internet connection package at 100 mbps on a fiber optic connection and dispenses with the annoying fixed-term contracts so users can depend primarily on their level of satisfaction as a means to continue or terminate a package. This is as close as you can come to a wedding photographer York: a company designed to deliver your needs and one that you keep coming back to for more without purely based on previous performance.

5. Darty. This is one of those integrated French internet companies where television and phone services are bundled with the internet into one package. It links through the Completel network and boasts up to 20 mbps of connection speed combined with free internet to local phone calls from local and international destinations as well as an impressive HDTV service. This is the Sharepoint Hive of internet companies as it offers an all-in-one comprehensive system for all users.

Take note that there are more companies offering various internet services and picking the ones that’s best for you can be a tedious process with many considerations. Aside from speed, you will also need to look at reliability, price, add-ons at cheaper if not free cost, and many others. Consider that with an integrated service, you will need less of yoga mats to help you with your stress levels against a faulty and unreliable internet connection.

Consequently, services like Neuf are impressive in that these do not bound clients through a fixed term contract but rather allow clients to terminate services anytime they are displeased. This pushes the company to continue innovating and providing new packages that keep clients excited and engaged. Like water softener reviews, it keeps clients constantly in control of their internet subscriptions and does not allow the company to relax and take it easy.

So the next time you find yourself in France for an extended period and would want to have your own internet connection, the five companies on our list are definitely must consider water fountains or sources of service to allow you to keep in touch with your family and friends from back home. At the very least, it will ensure that you have a lifeline to people that can help you with your loneliness. So do not compromise your convenience and interests despite being in a foreign country. With the sheer number of options, there is certainly that’s good for you.

France’s Technological Renaissance

When it comes to the Renaissance period in the late 15th century, France has never been known to contribute much in the way of technology. The High Renaissance period in France during that time was primarily centered on the arts with some of the best French artists credited with masterpieces that live to this day. Names like Jean Fouquet and Jean Goujon dominate the annals of the French renaissance period even more so than phen375 reviews do these days but it is actually important to know that France also had important, contributions to technological development in the period.

It bears mentioning, first and foremost, that a big reason why France features prominently in the renaissance chapter on technology is because of France’s conquest of Italy in the 1490s. This allowed France to absorb many of the innovations and technological breakthroughs that permeated the Italian cities at that time.

A critical example is the invention of the printing press by the Germans which found tremendous value and refinement in France. The French monasteries were primarily responsible for disseminating documents in the era including all things from medieval equivalents of insurance quotes to letters and other documentation but the invention of the printing press allowed many French poets and artists to print their works in mass and distribute it over Europe. The same is true of many French universities at that time; in the absence of today’s internet and the ubiquitous website, French universities took pride in collating knowledge through the use of the ancient printing press. To this day, there reproduction of antique printing presses displayed in many of the renowned French museums.

Another less obvious contribution from the French in terms of technology is the continued use of advancements in music and the arts. Paintings became even more vivid with the development of new types of pain. A basic example is Jean Fouquet’s masterpieces which depicted very real images from painting. If Fouquet had ever set foot in an Africa safari, it would have been a safe bet for him to have painted these in very clear tones.

Music is likewise an area where French innovation reigned supreme. Musical instruments were beginning to be modernized during the renaissance. Pianos and violins started to become works of art primarily dictated by client source specifications. While Antonio Stradivari became the golden standard for violin-making in the era, many French violin makers were never too far behind in skill and artistry due to their constant refinements of the manufacturing methods that resulted to great violins. There are plenty of resources on the subject and one can learn more by clicking here to gain insight into French technological contributions during the period.

All told, the French were an integral part of the technological renaissance that swept Europe in the mid-1500s. Short of inventing the client URL, French innovators were at the forefront of embracing new technology and then refining it to become the modern versions that we see today. Knowledge was kept and nurtured in French universities through we benefit to this day. France’s technological revolution was one of building on the shoulders of the many great men that came before them and it became a wonderful addition to the body of knowledge that built the renaissance. And it wouldn’t have been possible it not for the French.

The French Tech Community

Whatever reasons the French had to not create a Silicon Valley in one of their cities, even after being offered by various companies, does not set into the human mind. Experts describe the scenario in closed shutters as a regional knot that bounds areas to craft models according to their own societies. By looking closely, experts noticed a slight hint of uniqueness in the idea of France not creating a Silicon Valley, but something better, according to their workings. By providing excellent communication facilities, inter-territory transport, quality training programs and huge areas of space, the French tech community saved itself from
announcing a DePuy hip replacement recall by not choosing to build a Silicon Valley.

The famous technology park of Sophia Antipolis is what France has in place. The area spread to hundreds of miles, like the inner textures of dreamweaver templates, is situated in the southwest portion of the city of Nice. This park is where most of the French computing and electronic community resides, most of the acres booked under the ownership of the renowned Valbonne. The park itself is termed after the wife of a French Senator, Sophie, and the word Sophia Antipolis has a wise Greek meaning to it. Even the streets inside the technology hub are termed after Greek phrases or names.

Quite a few elite establishments are present in the area that train its students for a variety of fields that has a long list just like there is to a CAN test questions sheet. The training is done for computing and e-purposes mainly such as providing SEO facilities like a strong backlinks service, detailed graphic designing, animation studios, intelligent web design capabilities, mastering at programming etc. The park even incorporates the W3C headquarters in all of Europe within its walls where thousands of register to master at computer languages and codes such as PHP and HTML.

After the constructions of such technology hubs, the most common trial they face is between employees and employers having different demands. But the area had no problems with log book loans or any payday loan whatsoever. One of the key challenges that struck them was to bring all the organizations together and fill them with a common intellect of society and community. They had to commit all the parties to create a social interaction with each other for a collaborative environment and the bringing together of ideas. This job does seem like one for the San Antonio marketing department but the feeling had to be initiated from inside the organizations working at the science and technology square by making people from different minds meet and fertilize their notions together. The park then introduced professional clubs such as Telecom Valley and the Sophia business angels club to build a better French tech community which eventually grew into a landmark of innovation, science and a probe for France. After successfully building a community atmosphere, the science and technology park now includes one of the world’s most popular companies such as IBM, Hitachi, NVIDIA, ST Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Air France, Wall Street and Orange with their business centers, franchises and research laboratories.

The Sophia Antipolis also constitutes a residential society within its premises known as the Garbejaire. The location appartement is in the middle of the technology park where all the necessary residential places are present such as chemists, hairstylists, superstores, lodging houses, bakeries etc.

French Business Formation Process

These days, forming a French company is by no means a small and easy feat, the way fat loss 4 idiots provide the figure that one wants without having to scrimp on meals and looking like a guy straight out of a drug rehab facility. Getting the needed government permits is not as uncomplicated as receiving free government cell phones or simply buying ebook reader and cheap laptops from eBay.

The whole business of French business formation can be quite bumpy, like being inside a coach hire traveling on a rocky road, or on inversiontables hanging upside down.

First, one will have to go through a somewhat complex legal trail to ensure that the business passes all French government regulations, much like someone hiring a Mesothelioma lawyer to prove that an employee suffered from Mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos at the workplace, hence passing the provisions for just compensation for work hazard-related claims.

However, everything will be worth it once you’ve hurdled over all the legal complexities of setting-up the business and getting all the permits to start your business rolling. It will be like having a bad tooth removed with the help of a good San Pedro dentist, or getting the youthful glow you’ve always wanted by using the best anti aging cream available in the market.

The actual process involving French business formation may vary, usually depending on the business formation company that you will hire. However, there are some pretty standard procedures that you can expect. Here is a generic progression of setting up a French business:

1. Searching for your company name. Nobody wants to have another business named exactly like theirs! So do you. This is why you should first choose a company name that is unique, and most importantly, catchy. Have your chosen name checked by the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle so they can discern if your chosen company name is unique and available.

2. Open a French bank account. It’s important that you have a French bank account as it will establish your presence and identity in French soil. You will be required to make a deposit and the required start-up capital so you will be deemed capable of conducting business. The bank will issue you a certificate which should be published in a French journal or a widely-circulating newspaper.

3. Preparing the Articles of Association/Statutes. This is one of the key points that you must accomplish, as it is important to define clearly what your business will be like, and what activities your business will be into. This will let authorities (particularly the Societe a Responsibilitee Limitee) decide whether or not to approve your business and release the necessary French business permits. Keep in mind that you should also have a Board of Directors for your company to be considered legitimate.

4. File your company documents with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises. After registering your company statutes at the local tax office, you should file your company registration with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises and procure the required company books and legal papers.

Once you’ve accomplished all these steps, your necessary French business permits will be delivered to you–which means you could now start your French business! So good luck and have a successful French business venture!

How to Start a Business in France

With France widely regarded as one of the strongest economies not only in Europe but in the world as a whole, it is no surprise that you can easily find many people looking to start a business in France. All sorts of professionals – from a Master in Public Health to a Master of Accounting – aspire to be able to put up a business that taps into the potential of the French market. In this post, we will talk about some of the most important considerations in order to successful start a business in France.

First, look into the regulations that govern the industry where you want to put up a business. France is known for significant government intervention in many business matters so even something as simple as offering Information Technology degrees can be fraught with bureaucratic red tape. Still, there have been significant strides to this end done in the last few years and a definite relaxation of the regulative powers of government has been in full swing so one shouldn’t worry as much.

Second, scout the competition that might lower your profit margin. Fashion and winery, for example, are the bread and butter businesses in France and starting a business in this sector is very challenging. Conversely, forays into the French education system might be more successful because of lack in competition. Companies that offer a Project Management degree online or online Masters Degree programs in general are not as common and should be assessed for business feasibility.

Third, summarize your feasibility study reports taking into account potential cost like insurance, taxation, manpower, overhead expenses, advertising, office rental, office equipment and the likes. Even if you are offering virtual services like computer science degrees online, you will incur overhead costs such as server fees, programmers, VoIP, teachers and the likes. Failure to take these into account exhaustively oftentimes compromises the profitability of a business.

Fourth, business permits are very important towards a successful venture and regardless of your chosen industry, you should ensure 100% compliance with all the regulations. Likewise, recent changes in French laws have created many benefits and exemptions for business owners including exemption from social security contributions for up to two years from the day the company is put up. Obviously, you do not need a Master of Social Work or someone with a finance degree to tell you that exemptions are important to improve your bottom line.

For a thorough approach to compliance on regulations, you will need the services of a lawyer and an accountant to advise you how to properly register your business. These are professionals whose work is consultative in nature so you will have to spend to get their opinion on regulative matters. However, it bears no need for emphasis that legal compliance is a non-negotiable commodity when starting a business.

French Startup Scene in 2013 & 2014

Of course, the real task of starting a business in France is much more complicated than this 4-step process, much like if you want to cheat at scrabble but you cannot find the reference to support that a word does exist. However, as long as you are committed to seeing your business through and meticulous in planning for any potential business outcome, you should be in good hands. A business opportunity, no matter how attractive, will only be profitable if you setup your business to take advantage of it. So whether you are in the real estate in Belize or taking advantage of the boom in France, follow-through the business creation steps properly and you should be able to realize the benefits in as short a period as 6-months to 2 years.

The Tech Boom in France

Provided you are interested in learning more about tech boom in general and the French tech boom in particular, you can read more here on this site or opt for a related site and try to see the full picture. No matter how good and positive you might be regarding this boom to be, the reality is there are plenty of arguments that seem to be stating the opposite.

Well-developed countries such as France now enable interested individuals to fully and easily embrace an RN to BSN online program or some masters in criminal justice programs as long as they are the owners of some desktop computers or laptops and even smartphones that are enabling them to access these online schools. But what happens when these computers or laptops break and they need to be replaced with new ones. Where do the old ones go? Are they being properly discarded or are they contributing to the further pollution of the environment? These are the main issues that seem to be raising the most concerns in France and other countries of the planet where the tech booms seems to be in bloom now.

Sure that the medical aid services there are definitely superior to other in other countries where the tech boom is yet to arrive, due to the shorter times of response in relation to medical interventions. As a matter of fact, today doctors have the opportunity of offering advice to their patients who are not admitted into their hospital, but they are at home, still under their care. With the help of amazing French hospital technologies, special supervising systems and fast interventions, the medical tech boom in France seems to be worth all the money. If you are interested in reading more about this topic, you should be able to quickly locate a full article online.

If you are interested in learning more about the French tech boom in other areas, you should consider making a simple Mozilla Firefox free download and doing some extra research on the fields you are most willing to learn about. You could find out that the tech boom in France is bringing a huge contribution to the overall improvement and resolving of a great deal of problems. Technological innovation that is currently constantly expanding is creating more job openings. But it is also contributing to the apparition of additional issues, such as the development of labor issues such as minimal workplace regulation issues and human right abuses inside high tech factories.

The desire to quickly cater to the needs of a variety of consumers and the need to do that before other nations step in is making the French tech boom become one of the most apparent and easy to spot changes in the area. But not all of these changes are for the best and humankind could suffer on the long run because of some nation’s desire to do things a lot faster than in the past.

European Technology Incubators – The Future of Startups

Incubator businesses have become increasingly popular throughout the year; these are companies that are dedicated to giving support and sometimes funding to startup businesses in the technology industry.

Europe has no shortage of these incubator and accelerator companies, each designed to encourage, support and invest where necessary to help you make your great idea a thriving business.


Astia is a community of experts committed to building women leaders. They also accelerate high growth and funding for women led start-ups. They are a nonprofit organization designed for women led companies of all stages. At the moment they have three hundred CEO’s and three hundred investors on hand to offer their support and assistance.

The Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is an early stage accelerator and incubator helping create technology companies. They have experts to support and advice on technology startups through a local base ecosystem. This company has helped launch over five hundred companies based in Paris, Brussels and Berlin. You can visit website to determine if they can assist with your start-up venture.

Hack Fwd

This is an incubator based in Hamburg and they are made up of experienced technological entrepreneurs who support and invest in start-ups. They enable the launch of great ideas accelerating profit and success.

Think of it as a good night sms, you will always have that support you need when starting your new technological venture.

Launch 48

Launch 48 are dedicated to launching and creating web businesses within forty eight hours by bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to think, plan, develop and launch new businesses. Together they are from different levels in business, different departments and from all over Europe. It is like an anti aging cream, if you want fast results this is who you turn to when starting up your own tech business.


Seedcamp offer early stage mentoring and investment. This company is made up of entrepreneurs from present companies that mentor and invest in startup businesses. At the moment they are investing and offering their support to around twenty startup companies each year. If you need additional info when starting up your technology business, you can request the assistance of Seedcamp.

Startup Sauna

Startup Sauna is a company designed as an accelerator and incubator to startups in Northern Europe and Russia. They believe in seed acceleration, they help with the development stages to a point where the business can take over the international market. The coaches are investors, entrepreneurs and other professionals all dedicated to the success of new businesses.

When you want to know how to lose weight fast, you search for ideas online, when you want to get your new startup off the ground fast, you choose an accelerator and incubator company.


Pentalabbs is an incubation specialist dedicated to IT start-ups based in Paris, France. They support startups, have a group of experts who offer project development and advice. They will advise on all aspects of the startup business from development stages to obtaining credit. You can find out more online, do a simple search the same as you would if you were looking to buy quality kratom powder and then click link to find out what they can offer you.

Opportunities for French Entrepreneurs in this New Era

Globalization and the presence of communications means that are more and more advanced have led to the current development of the business environment. Banks and financial lenders in general have fully understood the necessity to widely open their arms in the direction of all entrepreneurs and constantly create win-win situations.

Whether we are talking about pikavippivertailu types of instant loans whose values range from 50 to 1000 EUR and their extremely useful role in the lives of small Finnish business owners or about some more important American types of long-term loans that can finance a major business plan or idea, lenders offer them all. Those of you who are particularly interested in learning more about the business opportunities that French entrepreneurs could be looking at in 2012 should find some helpful information within the next lines.

First of all, you do not have to be Chris Johnson’s long-distant French cousin to make it in today’s American hectic business environment. Sure knowing the important player of the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League could be opening one or more doors for you, but the truth is once you make it on the American soil, things will be looking pretty different for you. Differently put, you need to know that the small business you are currently overseeing in France has every chance of stop being considered a national company and start being regarded as a global company, inside the United States of America. These are of course just a few of the benefits that a great deal of French entrepreneurs are already enjoying and it stands for a great reason to continue reading this piece.

If you are thinking about setting the grounds for some penny auctions, you might first want to read the latest 411 on the quibids scam and know for a fact what you might be getting yourself involved in. Due to the fact that France does not constitute that big of a market, French entrepreneurs need to find their way inside the American borders. Open source companies could either choose to expand on European grounds or opt for Uncle Sam’s and of benefits and great business opportunities. The European Community stands for a good place where a trust deed issue could be resolve amiably. But so does the US, and the difference is that the United States can also provide French entrepreneurs with the cheapest VPS systems, as well as the best chances to expand their business at a global level.

The new era we are living in has definitely transformed English into the generally accepted language of business, so if you are a French entrepreneur looking to boost your success, going to America seems to be one of the best things you could think about doing.

Guidelines To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur In France

France has a lower rate of entrepreneurship as compared to other European countries. This is for several reasons. First, the entrepreneurial spirit does not thrive strongly in the country since attaining a job at a reputable company and climbing the corporate ladders is considered a more esteemed and respectable endeavor. France has a predisposed affinity to having salaried jobs as compared to being self-employed. Second, the economic and social environment of France also restricts the entrepreneurial spirit through their tax system and other regulations. That however doesn’t mean that being an entrepreneur is impossible in France. The market is full of opportunities and with the right attitude, being a successful French businessman is very attainable.

First, venture into something you are passionate about. The saying, “Enjoy what you do and you will never work another day in your life” is more than just a fancy citation. Success comes more easily if you like what you do. Focus and develop your strengths and steer them towards an endeavor that interests you.

Second, don’t mind too much what others think or say. Many people in France consider working for large firms with the best company ratings to be the most respectable undertaking, while being self-employed to be a less reputable option. If you want to become an entrepreneur, be confident in yourself and your business idea. Be willing to work hard and to stay focused.

Third, value the importance of networking. In business, connections is vital. A large part of success lies in being at the right place, at the right time, with the right person. As a businessman, the people who work for you and with you from your business partners, to your board of directors reflect you and your company. Develop your communications skills and start building networks as early as while in college.

Fourth, reward yourself accordingly and cut yourself some slack. Overworking will only burn you out and will make you less productive. Take a day off or go on that vacation trip to the Mediterranean that you have planned for so long. Check out affitti for amazing vacation houses for rent in Italy.

Fifth, avail of loans and other investment programs. The government of France provides tax deductions for wealthy individuals who invest in start-ups. Look for angel investors to help you with financial constraints. If you have some loans to pay, you can find ways to write off debt before starting a business so that you can fully focus on your entrepreneurial venture. In lieu of that, make an attractive business plan to show potential investors. Sell yourself and your business concept as impressively as possible. Learning to sell is one of the most important traits to master as an entrepreneur. Also, develop a sound marketing strategy to promote your business and to position it accordingly. Take initiative to become as visible as possible through advertising, listings on local directories and contractor leads, and so on.

Sixth, be flexible and adaptable to change. A successful entrepreneur needs to know how to adapt to political, economic and social changes that arise through time. Industry, technology and market trends also change with the tides and it is important to stay up to date with the most recent developments. To do so, you must continuously be willing to learn new things. Don’t always stick to your old bag of tricks. Reinvent yourself and work on your weaknesses while further developing your strengths. To become a better entrepreneur, you need to become a better person. Whatever your shortcomings are in the past, the best time to evolve is now – be it a lifestyle change, a medical detox, better diet or anger management.

Whether you are an entrepreneur in France or elsewhere in the world, there are fundamental elements that remain the same. One of the most deciding factors to success is your attitude, outlook and drive. Keep exploring to find out more about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Most Popular Web Development Languages

Have you ever looked at a web page or how a web page functions and wonder how it came to be? Maybe there is a new service site and you’re amazed at it’s functionality and convenience and just want to know how the developers got the site to do what it does, well there is one thing you should know, it all comes down to language. I do not mean English either.

There are five web development languages that are the most widely used, each one can be found in most of the sites you visit, including Google Chrome and other major applications.


Now C is one of the oldest web development languages and yet it is still one of the most widely used, there are very few sites you will visit which haven’t used C in some way. This language was first implemented in the early 1970′s and is a general purpose language which still has developers turning to it even with all the new languages available today.


JavaScript is another of the very popular web development languages, you can read more about it online, but a basic overview is that it is used in most web browsers, one example is Google Chrome and in many of the dynamic websites you may visit. JavaScript is very object orientated and offers first class functionality which is what makes it such a popular choice with developers around the world.


Python is another of the favorites, this one has a clear syntax and helps programmers be more productive because it’s easy to learn and use, it is a functional programming style that is free and open source so anyone can take full advantage of it.


Ajax has been around for a while now and is one of the web development languages that is used to create web applications such as sites where you could find pool tables for sale or temple run online. It is a user friendly language which is widely used throughout the world.


PHP is also an open source web development language which is generally used as a server script language to produce web pages that are spectacular and dynamic. Combining these pages with SEO improve businesses visibility and traffic on a regular basis.

Learn the Lingo

Learning a web development language takes time, it is not something you can read overnight and know what you are doing the next day. Most people take years to understand how the language works and the best way to use it, which is why web developers are in such demand. Understanding the language and knowing how to lay it out all takes patience and dedication, but once you know what you are doing you can be sought after to help develop dynamic websites and web browsers, you can be creative and use your knowledge to offer businesses great websites that are user friendly and highly functional and most of all you can enjoy the sense of achievement when you see it all working to perfection.

The Status of French Economy

France is a European country located in the western region of the Old Continent. Known as the third largest European state and also a G8, NATO, OECD, WTO and Francophone member, France is one of the most developed countries of the world. If we are to look at the Gross Domestic Productivity nominal, the country is the 5th largest state on the planet, and, according to its GDP-PPP, it ranks the 8th. The economic development of this country has also helped it rank second in a top of the most developed European states.

The mixed economy of the country, the private and government sectors and their proper developments are the main reasons why the French economy is so successful. The recession that has severely affected the rest of European countries has been better coped with in France, thanks to the well-developed consumer base and also thanks to the smart government spending.

The French industry is doing really well in sectors like ship-building, automobiles, aerospace, the civil and construction sectors, pharmaceutics, the chemical sector, tourism or food processing. The manufacturing of passenger cars is also a highly developed sector here, having helped the country rank 4th in the world. And with so many cars in the street, car accident lawyers are prone to be doing quite well here. If you are interested in learning all about the latest additions to the new Peugeot line, you can find some official presentation videos you can watch online. Before deciding to order such a car, make sure you also check out some user response, so you can know for a fact if your decision is well inspired.

French high school education is also known to be one of the best in Europe. Nevertheless, with a population of about 62 million and around 26 million employees, unemployment seems to be one of the biggest issues the French are currently facing. Even though the country seems to be enjoying quite a strong economy status, the lack of sufficient jobs and the unemployment rate that is close to 10% are current issues the French government needs to carefully cope with.

Folks who are having bulging discs problems might not be able to work in one of the most developed sectors on the French territory, which is agriculture. Currently, the agriculture and fishing sector accounts for about 7 percent of the total employment rate in France. Individuals looking for coconut oil for face should expect to discover just the products they are looking for, as pharmaceutical and cosmetics trading count among the main import/export activities that are currently into the spotlight.

Tourism is another well-developed sector in France, and the Eiffel Tower, the Versailles Palace, the Louvre Museum or l’Arc de Triomphe are just a few of the most popular attentions here that are still attracting millions of Euros on a yearly basis.

The Emerging Popularity of the Internet in France

The internet is something that has definitely managed to make its place in the modern world. Instead of being a luxury like it once was, the internet has now become a necessity of life. It is now being debated that internet should be termed as a basic human right! From banks to hospitals to restaurants, all organizations need the internet in one way or another. Even government agencies and nurse practitioner schools are greatly dependent on this new breakthrough in technology. The internet is termed as the biggest and most significant breakthrough in technology in the previous century! it is therefore an established fact that the internet is a very important element in today’s world. In France, internet is one of those services which have the highest value of money these days. It is something that people can definitely learn more from and the authorities have understood this well enough. The extremely extensive use of internet in France has led France to qualify as the second largest ADSL market in Europe. Several ADSL broadband companies have emerged which provide services such as unlimited internet, telephone and television with an additional benefit of free calls to landlines which should be completely taken advantage of; all this for about 30 Euros a month! It is evident that the French are trying extremely hard to encourage citizens to take advantage of the internet.

Internet is not available to people in the rural areas. For them, some grants are available. For example people living in Mayenne can get grants of up to €500 which will help them in getting the equipment and installing it but to apply for this grant, that area should not have access to ADSL broadband. If you happen to be in one of these areas, the government will encourage you to set up such projects and go for it as a business venture. You don’t need to be a technical expert to do so. For all the authorities care, you could be a car accident lawyer trying to get into this business as a part time venture!

After the deregulation of the market in France, now there are a large number of internet providers offering services and packages which are not easily differentiated. The main providers in France include Orange, SFR, Free, Darty and Numericable. Competing with these giants with a small scale firm of yours can be as hard as trying to find the cure for a bulging disc by yourself at home! It is therefore essential that you only get into such a business in areas where there is no internet access available whatsoever.

France is only one of the numerous countries who have managed to reap humungous benefits off the internet. The French fashion industry has become stronger than ever with its faster reach to global markets and a wider clientele. It is not wrong to say that for such companies, the internet really is regarded as a basic human need that everyone is entitled to receive in sufficient quantities!

Entrepreneurship in France

Entrepreneurship is a very hot topic these days; almost everywhere you go, you hear the word in one way or another. There was a time when if people wanted to set up their own business, they weren’t exactly supported by friends, family or even higher authorities. Long gone are those days though. Nowadays, entrepreneurship is an extremely important thing. President Obama actually made November the official month for Entrepreneurship to give importance to this new area of the business world. You see, with the increase in demand for jobs, the basic laws of demand and supply have kicked in and shortage of jobs is pretty evident. In such a case, it is not possible for any economy to be able to function if the economy does not have a good number of entrepreneurs; people who instead of looking for jobs create jobs. Just like in any other part of the world, entrepreneurship is equally important in the French economy. This post will discuss why entrepreneurship is so important in France and why it is such a good idea for one to be an entrepreneur in France.

France is a hub of fashion related activity. Fashion is a field that is so diverse that it has opportunities for people from every walk of life. use your skills to be able to invest in such a field and what better place to do this than France? Trust me, you’ll find more opportunities in this field in France than you will find dentists in a Dentist Directory!

France has a number of different organizations supporting startups at a number of different levels. From business incubators to Innovation centers and science parks, France has enough resources for you to be able to start your business and to make sure that you get the initial head start that you need to be able to be successful!

Europe is the second largest market with over 500 million customers. There is something that you can do to cater to such a wide variety of people! Whether you start up a flower business like florist Victoria bc or set up a small food network, you are bound to appeal to some portion of this huge market. In such a case, entrepreneurship really doesn’t seem like such a bad option, does it? Chances of failure get minimized when the market is so huge and diverse hence your chances of failure in this case are pretty low.

The costs of labor as well as other factors of production are lower in France than compared to the rest of Europe. At the same time, returns are as high as they are in the rest of Europe! This gives French entrepreneurs an edge over entrepreneurs from other countries in Europe.

You see, France may not seem like the hub of economic activity, but it is actually very actively involved in such activity. Such factors thus make France an ideal place for an individual to set up his or her own business.

Top French Internet Companies

Moving to a new country is an exciting time; a new life in France! No doubt the prospect of fresh, warm, crispy baguette is more enjoyable to think about than visa issues. Similarly, the tipple of red wine, and the quaint rural roads are probably higher up in the priorities than finding a dentist.

However, making logistical plans is important for making a big move abroad! Sorting out visas, work, and coming to terms with the tax and health systems, are all important considerations.

Securing a worthy internet contract is also essential. Your going to need a good bandwidth, a reliable connection, and a fair price. By this point you probably want to think about the wine again, don’t you? Fear not; here we clear some air, and discuss the top French internet providers available.

The good news is there is no shortage of competition of service providers, especially in urban areas. Prices for broadband packages are often sold on contract in which the user pays monthly, and is typically around €30 a month for a very high speed connection.


The Orange network provider is the largest in France, and arguably offers the most reliable service because of this. They offer a wide range of packages with prices starting at €21 a month for basic packages.

They also offer a range of combination packages for mobiles, internet, landlines and TV, so if you need all of these needs met, they are a good choice and could save you many pennies! They also have high speed fiber optics available in many urban areas.


Alice is one of the main service providers in France, offering broadband speeds of up to 28MB/sec, and a host of packages which include TV and phone calls. They are the largest provider in Italy.


Free is an independent service provider which offers services depending on your “Degroupage” status. This is a concept where independent providers are able to connect the customer directly to their network, without passing through the national provider.

If your status Is “degroupee” then Free will be able to offer a range of extra services, including TV and telephone, as well as high quality internet services, all at a reduced rate. Customers who have this option available to them, are highly recommended to search independent deals from providers such as Free, who should be able to offer a great deal.


SFR offers the largest independent internet service in the country, with internet available from 1MB sec, to a whopping 100MB a second in fiber optic areas, and more packages available than nomorerack have deals.

There is no minimum fixed contract, making it an excellent choice if you are unsure as to how long you will be staying at your property.


Teleconnect is a French provider which specializes in ex-pat services, and has a specific package for the English speaker; the anglopack. With a high speed ADSL connection of up to 20MB/sec and unlimited surfing the package is fast and reliable. And for those in need of assistance may find Teleconnect easy to deal with; they offer free customer service and a technical hotline all in English… simple!

Added benefits include the option to be given unlimited calls to UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, for just €5 more a month. You can also opt in for unlimited local calls too. The basic package starts at €31.90 a month.

This package is ideal for a hassle-free experience. The connection itself is solid, and the extra call options are great value. Although it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it does provide full support in English, making it an ideal choice to bypass the language barrier.

UK Telecom:

French telecoms company which specializes in providing a full range of services to English speaking ex-pats. In a similar way to Teleconnect, mentioned above, UK Telecom offers the huge incentive of providing an ease of service to ex-pats that are likely to have a problem with a French speaking service provider.

They provide a variety of internet packages and customers can also benefit from line rental and calls packages, all on one bill! Again, technical support is available, in English, for free.

For many people, a reliable internet connection is something that they could not live without. These is amplified abroad, where the internet is likely to be used for working, and for contacting friends in the home-land! It is the link to home, and so bears thinking about.

We hope we have given the ex-pat some solid leads to chase down. Remember to take your time, choosing a deal that is right for you. See if you can save money by applying for combination packages that include TV and phone calls.

If it all gets too much, there is no shame in turning to an English speaking provider, one which specializes in dealing with ex-pats. It may end up being slightly more expensive than the most valuable deals from other companies, but the ease of service they offer may make for a desirable option for those who can’t suffer the language barrier.

How is Internet useful for Entrepreneurs?

Over the years, the Internet has become a global phenomenon with its continued growth in number of users and sustained evolution of technologies. The Internet has many things to offer – entertainment, news, information, jobs, and business opportunities. Major players in the business world have recognized the potential of the Internet as a rich market for introducing any kind of products. The Internet is indeed useful for all budding entrepreneurs.

During its infancy, the Internet used to be just a venue for news and information. As new improvements in computer and web programming technologies came about plus the enhancements to credit card security, businesses realized that it was possible to sell and buy products on the Internet. E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce slowly became being patronized as more and more people trusted the burgeoning technology. It has become a convenient and cash-less alternative to mall shopping.

Today, anything that you normally do in malls can be done on the Internet. You can buy almost anything on the Internet – toys, gadgets, computers, clothes, food, medicine, shoes, plane tickets, and hotel reservations. You can even buy real instagram followers. Some banks do support online banking on the Internet. You can now do balance inquiries, deposits, withdrawals to other bank accounts, and bill payments.

If you are planning to put up a business, then the Internet is a good way to advertise your products and services. Even if you are not planning to have an E-Commerce website, wherein you allow customers to buy products using credit cards, the Internet is still a viable medium to sell products and services. Just clearly put your contact numbers or email address on your website and interested customers will surely contact you.

If you observed closely how popular products are traditionally marketed to the customers, you will notice that companies do aggressive campaign or advertisements on several media platforms – newspapers, radio, and television. The Internet is another great medium for product advertisements. Look closely and you will see product advertisements in Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Facebook alone has millions of users, so the opportunity is there to advertise your product to the public. Some companies have even designed a Facebook page where customers can ask questions where they can buy the products and avail of the services. Once you post a product advertisement on somebody’s wall in Facebook then it can be seen by all friends of that account. Facebook’s networking capabilities is a very powerful tool if it is used properly for marketing products.

Linkedin is another great social networking website that can be used for entrepreneurs to introduce products and services. Linkedin is specifically designed for professionals in all industries, such as real estate, information technology, food, clothing, manufacturing, and recruitment. Linkedin lets you also create a company profile page aside from the usual profile page for individual professionals.

The Internet is indeed a great tool for all entrepreneurs. The key is to know well the technology in order to maximize its potential for your business.