Top French Internet Companies

Moving to a new country is an exciting time; a new life in France! No doubt the prospect of fresh, warm, crispy baguette is more enjoyable to think about than visa issues. Similarly, the tipple of red wine, and the quaint rural roads are probably higher up in the priorities than finding a dentist.

However, making logistical plans is important for making a big move abroad! Sorting out visas, work, and coming to terms with the tax and health systems, are all important considerations.

Securing a worthy internet contract is also essential. Your going to need a good bandwidth, a reliable connection, and a fair price. By this point you probably want to think about the wine again, don’t you? Fear not; here we clear some air, and discuss the top French internet providers available.

The good news is there is no shortage of competition of service providers, especially in urban areas. Prices for broadband packages are often sold on contract in which the user pays monthly, and is typically around €30 a month for a very high speed connection.


The Orange network provider is the largest in France, and arguably offers the most reliable service because of this. They offer a wide range of packages with prices starting at €21 a month for basic packages.

They also offer a range of combination packages for mobiles, internet, landlines and TV, so if you need all of these needs met, they are a good choice and could save you many pennies! They also have high speed fiber optics available in many urban areas.


Alice is one of the main service providers in France, offering broadband speeds of up to 28MB/sec, and a host of packages which include TV and phone calls. They are the largest provider in Italy.


Free is an independent service provider which offers services depending on your “Degroupage” status. This is a concept where independent providers are able to connect the customer directly to their network, without passing through the national provider.

If your status Is “degroupee” then Free will be able to offer a range of extra services, including TV and telephone, as well as high quality internet services, all at a reduced rate. Customers who have this option available to them, are highly recommended to search independent deals from providers such as Free, who should be able to offer a great deal.


SFR offers the largest independent internet service in the country, with internet available from 1MB sec, to a whopping 100MB a second in fiber optic areas, and more packages available than nomorerack have deals.

There is no minimum fixed contract, making it an excellent choice if you are unsure as to how long you will be staying at your property.


Teleconnect is a French provider which specializes in ex-pat services, and has a specific package for the English speaker; the anglopack. With a high speed ADSL connection of up to 20MB/sec and unlimited surfing the package is fast and reliable. And for those in need of assistance may find Teleconnect easy to deal with; they offer free customer service and a technical hotline all in English… simple!

Added benefits include the option to be given unlimited calls to UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, for just €5 more a month. You can also opt in for unlimited local calls too. The basic package starts at €31.90 a month.

This package is ideal for a hassle-free experience. The connection itself is solid, and the extra call options are great value. Although it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it does provide full support in English, making it an ideal choice to bypass the language barrier.

UK Telecom:

French telecoms company which specializes in providing a full range of services to English speaking ex-pats. In a similar way to Teleconnect, mentioned above, UK Telecom offers the huge incentive of providing an ease of service to ex-pats that are likely to have a problem with a French speaking service provider.

They provide a variety of internet packages and customers can also benefit from line rental and calls packages, all on one bill! Again, technical support is available, in English, for free.

For many people, a reliable internet connection is something that they could not live without. These is amplified abroad, where the internet is likely to be used for working, and for contacting friends in the home-land! It is the link to home, and so bears thinking about.

We hope we have given the ex-pat some solid leads to chase down. Remember to take your time, choosing a deal that is right for you. See if you can save money by applying for combination packages that include TV and phone calls.

If it all gets too much, there is no shame in turning to an English speaking provider, one which specializes in dealing with ex-pats. It may end up being slightly more expensive than the most valuable deals from other companies, but the ease of service they offer may make for a desirable option for those who can’t suffer the language barrier.