The French Tech Community

Whatever reasons the French had to not create a Silicon Valley in one of their cities, even after being offered by various companies, does not set into the human mind. Experts describe the scenario in closed shutters as a regional knot that bounds areas to craft models according to their own societies. By looking closely, experts noticed a slight hint of uniqueness in the idea of France not creating a Silicon Valley, but something better, according to their workings. By providing excellent communication facilities, inter-territory transport, quality training programs and huge areas of space, the French tech community saved itself from
announcing a DePuy hip replacement recall by not choosing to build a Silicon Valley.

The famous technology park of Sophia Antipolis is what France has in place. The area spread to hundreds of miles, like the inner textures of dreamweaver templates, is situated in the southwest portion of the city of Nice. This park is where most of the French computing and electronic community resides, most of the acres booked under the ownership of the renowned Valbonne. The park itself is termed after the wife of a French Senator, Sophie, and the word Sophia Antipolis has a wise Greek meaning to it. Even the streets inside the technology hub are termed after Greek phrases or names.

Quite a few elite establishments are present in the area that train its students for a variety of fields that has a long list just like there is to a CAN test questions sheet. The training is done for computing and e-purposes mainly such as providing SEO facilities like a strong backlinks service, detailed graphic designing, animation studios, intelligent web design capabilities, mastering at programming etc. The park even incorporates the W3C headquarters in all of Europe within its walls where thousands of register to master at computer languages and codes such as PHP and HTML.

After the constructions of such technology hubs, the most common trial they face is between employees and employers having different demands. But the area had no problems with log book loans or any payday loan whatsoever. One of the key challenges that struck them was to bring all the organizations together and fill them with a common intellect of society and community. They had to commit all the parties to create a social interaction with each other for a collaborative environment and the bringing together of ideas. This job does seem like one for the San Antonio marketing department but the feeling had to be initiated from inside the organizations working at the science and technology square by making people from different minds meet and fertilize their notions together. The park then introduced professional clubs such as Telecom Valley and the Sophia business angels club to build a better French tech community which eventually grew into a landmark of innovation, science and a probe for France. After successfully building a community atmosphere, the science and technology park now includes one of the world’s most popular companies such as IBM, Hitachi, NVIDIA, ST Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Air France, Wall Street and Orange with their business centers, franchises and research laboratories.

The Sophia Antipolis also constitutes a residential society within its premises known as the Garbejaire. The location appartement is in the middle of the technology park where all the necessary residential places are present such as chemists, hairstylists, superstores, lodging houses, bakeries etc.