The Emerging Popularity of the Internet in France

The internet is something that has definitely managed to make its place in the modern world. Instead of being a luxury like it once was, the internet has now become a necessity of life. It is now being debated that internet should be termed as a basic human right! From banks to hospitals to restaurants, all organizations need the internet in one way or another. Even government agencies and nurse practitioner schools are greatly dependent on this new breakthrough in technology. The internet is termed as the biggest and most significant breakthrough in technology in the previous century! it is therefore an established fact that the internet is a very important element in today’s world. In France, internet is one of those services which have the highest value of money these days. It is something that people can definitely learn more from and the authorities have understood this well enough. The extremely extensive use of internet in France has led France to qualify as the second largest ADSL market in Europe. Several ADSL broadband companies have emerged which provide services such as unlimited internet, telephone and television with an additional benefit of free calls to landlines which should be completely taken advantage of; all this for about 30 Euros a month! It is evident that the French are trying extremely hard to encourage citizens to take advantage of the internet.

Internet is not available to people in the rural areas. For them, some grants are available. For example people living in Mayenne can get grants of up to €500 which will help them in getting the equipment and installing it but to apply for this grant, that area should not have access to ADSL broadband. If you happen to be in one of these areas, the government will encourage you to set up such projects and go for it as a business venture. You don’t need to be a technical expert to do so. For all the authorities care, you could be a car accident lawyer trying to get into this business as a part time venture!

After the deregulation of the market in France, now there are a large number of internet providers offering services and packages which are not easily differentiated. The main providers in France include Orange, SFR, Free, Darty and Numericable. Competing with these giants with a small scale firm of yours can be as hard as trying to find the cure for a bulging disc by yourself at home! It is therefore essential that you only get into such a business in areas where there is no internet access available whatsoever.

France is only one of the numerous countries who have managed to reap humungous benefits off the internet. The French fashion industry has become stronger than ever with its faster reach to global markets and a wider clientele. It is not wrong to say that for such companies, the internet really is regarded as a basic human need that everyone is entitled to receive in sufficient quantities!