Most Popular Web Development Languages

Have you ever looked at a web page or how a web page functions and wonder how it came to be? Maybe there is a new service site and you’re amazed at it’s functionality and convenience and just want to know how the developers got the site to do what it does, well there is one thing you should know, it all comes down to language. I do not mean English either.

There are five web development languages that are the most widely used, each one can be found in most of the sites you visit, including Google Chrome and other major applications.


Now C is one of the oldest web development languages and yet it is still one of the most widely used, there are very few sites you will visit which haven’t used C in some way. This language was first implemented in the early 1970′s and is a general purpose language which still has developers turning to it even with all the new languages available today.


JavaScript is another of the very popular web development languages, you can read more about it online, but a basic overview is that it is used in most web browsers, one example is Google Chrome and in many of the dynamic websites you may visit. JavaScript is very object orientated and offers first class functionality which is what makes it such a popular choice with developers around the world.


Python is another of the favorites, this one has a clear syntax and helps programmers be more productive because it’s easy to learn and use, it is a functional programming style that is free and open source so anyone can take full advantage of it.


Ajax has been around for a while now and is one of the web development languages that is used to create web applications such as sites where you could find pool tables for sale or temple run online. It is a user friendly language which is widely used throughout the world.


PHP is also an open source web development language which is generally used as a server script language to produce web pages that are spectacular and dynamic. Combining these pages with SEO improve businesses visibility and traffic on a regular basis.
Learn the Lingo

Learning a web development language takes time, it is not something you can read overnight and know what you are doing the next day. Most people take years to understand how the language works and the best way to use it, which is why web developers are in such demand. Understanding the language and knowing how to lay it out all takes patience and dedication, but once you know what you are doing you can be sought after to help develop dynamic websites and web browsers, you can be creative and use your knowledge to offer businesses great websites that are user friendly and highly functional and most of all you can enjoy the sense of achievement when you see it all working to perfection.