French Business Formation Process

These days, forming a French company is by no means a small and easy feat, the way fat loss 4 idiots provide the figure that one wants without having to scrimp on meals and looking like a guy straight out of a drug rehab facility. Getting the needed government permits is not as uncomplicated as receiving free government cell phones or simply buying ebook reader and cheap laptops from eBay.

The whole business of French business formation can be quite bumpy, like being inside a coach hire traveling on a rocky road, or on inversiontables hanging upside down.

First, one will have to go through a somewhat complex legal trail to ensure that the business passes all French government regulations, much like someone hiring a Mesothelioma lawyer to prove that an employee suffered from Mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos at the workplace, hence passing the provisions for just compensation for work hazard-related claims.

However, everything will be worth it once you’ve hurdled over all the legal complexities of setting-up the business and getting all the permits to start your business rolling. It will be like having a bad tooth removed with the help of a good San Pedro dentist, or getting the youthful glow you’ve always wanted by using the best anti aging cream available in the market.

The actual process involving French business formation may vary, usually depending on the business formation company that you will hire. However, there are some pretty standard procedures that you can expect. Here is a generic progression of setting up a French business:

1. Searching for your company name. Nobody wants to have another business named exactly like theirs! So do you. This is why you should first choose a company name that is unique, and most importantly, catchy. Have your chosen name checked by the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle so they can discern if your chosen company name is unique and available.

2. Open a French bank account. It’s important that you have a French bank account as it will establish your presence and identity in French soil. You will be required to make a deposit and the required start-up capital so you will be deemed capable of conducting business. The bank will issue you a certificate which should be published in a French journal or a widely-circulating newspaper.

3. Preparing the Articles of Association/Statutes. This is one of the key points that you must accomplish, as it is important to define clearly what your business will be like, and what activities your business will be into. This will let authorities (particularly the Societe a Responsibilitee Limitee) decide whether or not to approve your business and release the necessary French business permits. Keep in mind that you should also have a Board of Directors for your company to be considered legitimate.

4. File your company documents with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises. After registering your company statutes at the local tax office, you should file your company registration with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises and procure the required company books and legal papers.

Once you’ve accomplished all these steps, your necessary French business permits will be delivered to you–which means you could now start your French business! So good luck and have a successful French business venture!