Entrepreneurship in France

Entrepreneurship is a very hot topic these days; almost everywhere you go, you hear the word in one way or another. There was a time when if people wanted to set up their own business, they weren’t exactly supported by friends, family or even higher authorities. Long gone are those days though. Nowadays, entrepreneurship is an extremely important thing. President Obama actually made November the official month for Entrepreneurship to give importance to this new area of the business world. You see, with the increase in demand for jobs, the basic laws of demand and supply have kicked in and shortage of jobs is pretty evident. In such a case, it is not possible for any economy to be able to function if the economy does not have a good number of entrepreneurs; people who instead of looking for jobs create jobs. Just like in any other part of the world, entrepreneurship is equally important in the French economy. This post will discuss why entrepreneurship is so important in France and why it is such a good idea for one to be an entrepreneur in France.

France is a hub of fashion related activity. Fashion is a field that is so diverse that it has opportunities for people from every walk of life. use your skills to be able to invest in such a field and what better place to do this than France? Trust me, you’ll find more opportunities in this field in France than you will find dentists in a Dentist Directory!

France has a number of different organizations supporting startups at a number of different levels. From business incubators to Innovation centers and science parks, France has enough resources for you to be able to start your business and to make sure that you get the initial head start that you need to be able to be successful!

Europe is the second largest market with over 500 million customers. There is something that you can do to cater to such a wide variety of people! Whether you start up a flower business like florist Victoria bc or set up a small food network, you are bound to appeal to some portion of this huge market. In such a case, entrepreneurship really doesn’t seem like such a bad option, does it? Chances of failure get minimized when the market is so huge and diverse hence your chances of failure in this case are pretty low.

The costs of labor as well as other factors of production are lower in France than compared to the rest of Europe. At the same time, returns are as high as they are in the rest of Europe! This gives French entrepreneurs an edge over entrepreneurs from other countries in Europe.

You see, France may not seem like the hub of economic activity, but it is actually very actively involved in such activity. Such factors thus make France an ideal place for an individual to set up his or her own business.